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ON THE RECORD: “What is your on-air skin routine?”

pre segment beautyGetting prepped to go HD can be a little intimidating. If we’re talking gorgeous QVC lighting, I am gleeful and optimistic, but in the newsroom and during field or outdoor pieces the lighting and panning camera can definite be a lot less forgiving. I get asked all the time what my skin routine is before I go on-air and considering acne, scarring and broken capillaries around my nose it’s no wonder I’ve had to conjure up the ultimate beauty ritual that involves innovative products – and also a Hail Mary to ward off impending blemishes for good measure, ha! 


I have super oily, temperamental skin, so I slather on Blue Lagoon Silica Mud Mask to deep cleanse the night before a TV appearance. I got a hold of it when I was lucky enough to visit Iceland and the namesake spa, this stuff is a miracle worker and won’t over dry, even if I’m reviewing my notes in bed for an hour.

Next is Kate Somerville DermalQuench Liquid Lift which sprays on as oxygen bubbles and is worked into and around the orbital bones to plump fine lines around the eyes. After that sets it’s on to 5-7 drops of Skinceuticals Serum 15 which really brightens my complexion overnight.

Finally, I head to bed a greaseball which counterintuitively helps to balance my skin. I don’t overproduce oil to compensate and I now tend to get luckier with the whole blemish sitch. Love Fresh Seaberry Face Oil – sometimes I massage on two layers for good measure for ideally 10-15 full minutes. 

But don’t you get oil all over your pillowcase? Negative! My head hovers in the air, untouched, Star Wars-like, with the Juverest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow which cradles your head and neck and keeps you from transferring your entire anti-aging regimen onto your cotton pillow.

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