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5 Hacks For Beautifully Blissful Sleep

We’ve all been there and it’s not surprising that Sunday is often the night of the week Americans find it most difficult to fall asleep. According to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans struggle more to fall asleep on Sunday nights compared to other nights of the week. So I swung by Good Day Philadelphia with some hacks and innovative products so you don’t lose your beauty sleep — just in time for Sleep Awareness Week!




Take comfort with a routine handed down by mom. It’s no surprise she soothed us to bed with a glass of warm milk at night, the scent and ritual is so comforting. You can incorporate comforting scents as you remove your makeup and shower at day’s end – look for products with honey, vanilla, sandalwood, coconut and lavender! Also, even a dab of aromatherapy oils can help lull you to sleep, the crazy thing is that it works on a cellular level, so even if you have an altered sense of smell, you can still benefit from it.




Here’s a toothpaste that does double duty, AM/PM GO SMILE luxury toothpaste polishes teeth and also has valerian root! GO SMiLE PM Luxury Flouride Toothpaste contains quieting lavender, chamomile and vanilla to ease the stress of your day. Spearmint and peppermint cleanse while lavender, chamomile, vanilla and valerian root extract help to induce sleep – doctors have been using it for years to help with insomnia.
TRY: GO SMiLE PM Toothpaste, $25, Ulta




That post-dinner cup of decaf coffee is keeping you up! Just the smell of coffee is enough to jolt you awake. According to new studies, you may want to steer clear of Starbucks coffee wafts late at night, too. Citrus and peppermint can be energizing, too, so keep that in mind when brewing a late night cup of tea as well. A study done on sleep deprived rats found that just the scent of coffee kept them awake for days!




Your computer, TV and electronic devices produce light that’s blue and your body interprets it as sunlight. It can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle, especially if you’re posting that one last photo on Instagram or binging on Making a Murderer.

There are apps that help to limit the blue light your devices give off in the evening hours. Some even work on your desktop computer. These free “blue light filter” apps adjust your screen to reduce blue light so it’s easier for you to fall asleep.




Pink noise is the new white noise – and you can get it as easily as a quick app download tonight! The easiest way to explain: pink noise is sound where every octave is lower but carries the same power or frequency, so for instance, a fan, rain falling on pavement or wind on the leaves of a tree – the key is uninterrupted steady sound, no birds chirping here!
TRY: The Sleep and Noise Sounds app is free in the iTunes store and also available for Android.



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