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August is National Coffee Month so naturally, I’ll be starting my day with the dark roasted stuff per usual, but given the specialness of celebrating this delicious, turbo-caffeinated month, I wanted to give it a bit of a twist.

Now, I’m no nutritionist and I’m not saying this is something to indulge in every single day. But man, was this happiness in a warm, beautiful cup.

Drumroll please, your must-try recipe for National Coffee Month: Coconut Oil Coffee Toddy (okay, I made the name up!)

Start with fresh brewed coffee, my favorite? The darkest roast Starbucks offers, inhaled through your nose, okay, okay, just a whopping two tablespoons per cup (boyfriend’s not particularly a fan of this expenditure of java, but he’s never said no to a full-bodied cup, either!).

Just be aware, because said cup is similar to gin – sometimes it gives you a beautiful, rich buzz, other times it just makes you do bad things. To echo my friend Mary DeAngelis from QVC, it can very easily turn “into a very angry cup of coffee.” Ya hear me? Proceed with caution.

First you brew a pot of your favorite coffee. I’m a fan of dark roast Starbucks anything.

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.31.35 AM
Next, pour a cup of hot coffee into your milk frother (or blender).

coffee with coconut oil
I found that a half tablespoon of coconut oil was pretty perfect, but hell, next go-round, I’m going for a full tablespoon.

Why does this rock? Well, granted at 120 calories per tablespoon it’s not exactly diet fare, but it is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and offers an incredible creamy texture that makes me feel full and satisfied. It’s still a less caloric load than a blended coffee drink! Take that, frappe.

coffee with coconut oil

Planning on giving this a whirl? Let me know if you’re a fan, too!

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