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Cash in Your Closet: Sell Clothes Online for Big Bucks

Watch the full segment! More details to get you started below.

eBay Valet: The solution for those too lazy to list on eBay themselves. 

eBay professionals sell your items for you! No need to list it, promote it on your own.

  1. Photograph your goods, valets will evaluate within an hour and either estimate it, or reject it.
  2. Bring your items to drop off center or mail them in with a postage-paid shipping label.
  3. Valets take care of the listing. They keep relisting it until it moves for free!
  4. You make up to 80% of the sale price once it sells (if over $200), you make 60% on less than $50. They pay you within 4 weeks of receiving your items.
  5. They will take electronics, designer shoes, handbags, high-end appliances, instruments, sporting goods.
  6. They will not take clothing, anything heavier than 25lbs, anything worth less than $40, media (CDs, DVDs, books), high-value items that require authentication (jewelry, art).

Poshmark: Social shopping, think making your Instagram feed shoppable! 

  1. List your items in less than one minute, with a street–style photo you take yourself (or with a friend!) – you can even apply filters.
  2. The idea is that you turn your closet into a “boutique,” and then, to drum up potential buyers, you follow other users and share items from their closet.
  3. There are also virtual “Posh Parties” that occur within the app, which you can join and use as a means of promoting the items in your closet.
  4. About 500,000 “boutiques” in the app, with each one listing more than 25 items for sale on average.
  5. Poshmark takes a 20 percent cut of every sale — which covers the cost of shipping and returns (they give you a pre-paid, pre-addressed label!).

Twice: For when you need the up-front cash now. ASAP. Yesterday.

  1. Twice buys men’s and women’s clothing outright, and then later sells it in its marketplace.
  2. This means that Twice offers you a really low price for your items — on average, it’s around an 80 percent markdown from the original retail price — but you get the funds immediately upon accepting Twice’s offer.
  3. Earn $1-3 for 1 products from retailers like Gap, Express and American Eagle, about $2-6 from J. Crew, Banana and Levi’s, $5-12 for Kate Spade, Coach.
  4. Even though the offers are low, Twice says that around 97 percent of sellers accept them. (Part of the reason is they charge to get it shipped back to you!)
  5. It won’t accept some brands, including H&M, Forever 21 or Old Navy.
  6. Print out a free Twice shipping label or request a Selling Kit box in which to ship your items.

ThredUp: For the straggler pieces in your closet: Clothing kids that outgrow seasonally — and your maternity pants!

  1. Order a pre-paid thredUP Clean Out Bag, fill it with juniors and kids clothing (they also accept adults).
  2. ThredUp pros review clothing and pay up to 80% of the resale value, you can earn thredUP credit or cash out with PayPal.
  3. Items they don’t accept can be sent to a charitable partner or mailed back to you for $12.99.
  4. Earn up to $6 for GAP girls jeans, $12 for an Old Navy top and these types of items quality for an up-front payout, so you get paid before item is sold.

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