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The Style Solution: Faux Fur Sleeves

How’s this for trying to dress in season?! I’m predicting faux fur sleeves may become a thing given it’s 75-degrees in October! Thankfully it appears that retailers may have read this in their crystal ball, too, and mass produced some fun options this season. Here are my picks! Dig the one I’m wearing, you can […]

Say, whaaat!

You know those items on your bucket list? I have a bunch there, too. Hey, while we’re at it, why not share a few: travel to Thailand, eat a chocolate-covered creepy crawly  (I secretly hope to be assigned a story where it’s required, that way there’s no wimping out!), learn to waterski, get a tattoo, […]

Smart Sportswear | Sports Bras That Will Burn Your Calories + more!

Say goodbye to your sorry ol’sports bra, anything is possible now. From tanks that help you burn more calories and recover faster to tops with built-in SPF and devices that breathe new life into your dusty treadmill, here, smart sportswear that will make your life easier, safer and slimmer. FATIGUE-LESS SPORTSWEAR 1st round energyDNA®, a […]

Functional Fashion: Tan Line-Free Sports Gear

With bikini season right around the corner, we’re all looking to get back in shape and look our best! Now there is a way to be sports bra tan line-free. New  sportswear brand, Naked Sports Gear has launched a new concept that offers outdoor athletes and fitness enthusiasts innovative sports apparel that is high-fashion and sexy. […]