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Savvy hacks for cold weather

First off, someone call Al Gore, man was right on. We’ve been having a seriously wacky winter in the East Coast. That said, it’s inevitable that it’ll freeze up again, and I found the best cold weather hacks to get you through. Salt your stairs without salt, warm your feet with spices in your pantry […]

Spa-Inspired Cold and Flu Remedies

I’m a terrible sick person, no two ways about it. When my mom and fiancé are “lucky” enough to watch me suffer through the flu, they’ll tell ya that I crawl into a cocoon of a bed, shutter in darkness and shun showers – for days. My life has improved considerably since I’ve decided to […]

Hi-Tech Health Gadgets

From an automatic body manager that measures calorie intake through your skin to technology that tracks your breathing and stress and coaches you to be more mindful, the newest technologies to hit the market go beyond counting steps to actually tracking your accountability to your New Year health resolutions. I stopped by Good Morning America […]

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