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Get It Guide: As Seen on Better Connecticut

You really do love the flowers, pearls, wine and chocolate, sure. But let’s be real, we’d skip out on those sweet gifts if it meant he would just put the toilet seat down, stop drinking from the carton and put a new bag in the trash can!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day I’ve put together the nuttiest new gadgets that will help change his bad behaviors to make him the man of your sweet dreams.

PET PEEVE: We are always, always late! Gah!
SOLUTION:  Fumbling for the keys? Can’t find your wallet? Where’s the phone again? Linquet is a high tech solution that PREVENTS the misplacing of your stuff so you can actually get to the theater with enough time to catch the preview of the new Bradley Cooper flick. #hubbahubba

PET PEEVE: He just won’t put the toilet seat down. And you fell in during your midnight run. Again.
SOLUTION: TipAlert reminds the guys to place the seat down with a sexy “Down Boy” accompanied by cheering and clapping. There’s even a LED light that flashes every 15 seconds until the seat is back in its rightful position so women know if they’re in the clear during those midnight restroom runs. Now that’s sitting pretty!

PET PEEVE: His aim could use some work.
SOLUTION: The Pee Pro determines the accuracy of your – ahem, aim as a competitive game. Take your best shot!

PET PEEVE: He’s walking out of the house looking like his clothes got chewed up by the family pet. And no, you are not ironing his button down. Sometimes you gotta let them fend for themselves!
SOLUTION: For those men who refuse to iron – a spray on wrinkle remover by Faultless!

PET PEEVE: He sweetly takes out the garbage, but never puts a new bag in. You figure that out after you dump vegetable scraps into the bag-less can. No fun!
SOLUTION: Bag Ups Trash Bag Dispensing System eliminates searching for another trash bag when it needs to be changed, when the bag is full, pull up and another bag is attached to take its place. Tear off the old bag at perforation and it’s ready to go!

PET PEEVE: He wakes up hours earlier than you, and hits the snooze three times. #needbeautysleep
SOLUTION: Avoid rudely waking the person next to you with LARK Up, a silent alarm clock. You place your iPhone in LARK’s dock, and when your alarm goes off, the wristband emits silent vibrations to wake you. The app also includes a big snooze button for those who need just a few more minutes of sleep.

PET PEEVE: His foot on the coffee table! So annoying!
SOLUTION: Men love to kick back, put their feet up and relax. But putting their feet up on a coffee table isn’t something most woman wants to deal with; must be a biological thing since the crime seems so innocuous. For those gals, enter: Kickrest. It’s a pillow, blanket, footrest and table protector all in one!

PET PEEVE: He has to fully unpack before you get to exploring on your vacation. It’s 4PM and you don’t want to miss out on your first day – and the little bit of sunlight that’s left.
SOLUTION: The Rise and Hang is a collection of travel gear that focuses on mobile organization. Their “Closet in a Bag,” features built-in collapsible shelving technology that keeps articles organized and easy to access on-the-go – all in one place.

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