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Grocery Store Dupes for Department Store Beauty Products!

The hottest beauty must-haves just happen to be products you can prepare at home – with items from the grocery store. Yep! You heard right, ladies and gents. Now we’re talking beauty 2.0 here, people, so I won’t bore you with another mayo hair mask, nope, we’re creating lip plumpers, SPF, a glycolic acid peel and a cellulite scrub.

I dished on the recipes on Fox & Friends Weekend – here’s a recap and more information.

CAYENNE PEPPER LIP PLUMPER: Those expensive lip plumbers boast cayenne and cinnamon oil and can cost over $30! You can create your own at home with just some cayenne or Tabasco and Aquaphor!
Mix a small lip tub of Aquaphor (or Vaseline) with just a quarter teaspoon of cayenne to start. Mix in a bit more if you’d like to go va-va-voom. And guess what? The Aquaphor is so thick that you can’t even taste the cayenne once they get incorporated together!

COFFEE GRIND CELLULITE SCRUB: Let’s face it, these were going in the trash anyway. Save your used grinds to create a puff-blasting body scrub! Fancy cellulite creams on the market cost upwards of $50 – but you can put these caffeine rich grinds to good use constricting blood vessels and depuffing thighs on a major budget right in the shower! (Wrap in plastic wrap to detox further.)

Oh, want to look immaculate like those celebs with the perfectly chiseled chins? Makeup artists for years have used cellulite cream in the neck and chin area to depuff their clients before they walk down the red carpet. Use this scrub in your neck and chin area, but beware, just like the expensive creams, the effect lasts only about 3-4 hours so make sure to prepare for your Cinderella moment!

LEMON JUICE + BAKING SODA: When mixed together, equal parts lemon juice and baking soda bubbles over and creates a brightening and toning mask. The bubbles that form are great also for anyone with blemish-prone skin, there’s a certain strain of bacteria that causes acne that only grows in anaerobic (oxygen-less) environments. Rinse off after 10 minutes.

COCOA POWDER SPF: Studies have found that cocoa powder prevents sun damage! Topically and when consumed, people were able to resist more UV exposure before turning red (or getting mild sun damage)! Mix a half cup into bath water the day before you’re planning on being outdoors or create a face mask with just some plain yogurt.

PEANUT BUTTER INTENSIVE MOISTURIZER: PB is an amazing hydrator, especially for your elbows and knees! It’s full of magnesium which helps with skin elasticity and vitamins b and e which help with circulation and repair. Apply, let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse.Ā  The thick emollient envelops skin keeping in moisture and the chunky variety can also serve as a scrub!

Watch it on FOX & Friends!

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