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You’re Bathing Wrong: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Shower

Turns out you’ve been showering all wrong! Did you know that dermatologists can take one quick look at you and are able to spot your bathing snafus? 

At RealSelf there’s an active community of all of the top dermatologists across the country and darker patches on the upper back from standing in a hot shower, tight, uncomfortable skin and back acne from not having washed away all of your conditioner are just a few ways they KNOW you’re not showering correctly, but we’ve been showering all of our lives, right? Think about it, when did anyone ever take you through a step-by-step? Since I couldn’t hop in the tub with you, I stopped by PIX11 Morning News to chat with Suki about some tips and innovative products so you don’t have to stick to a routine that’s all washed up.  


If you’re opting for a bath, even if lukewarm as derms recommend it, chug a glass of water before hopping in, or even bring a plastic tumbler with water to the bathroom. It’s very likely you’re sweating and you don’t even know it, and while you think being submerged in water is hydrating, it’s actually dehydrating you!

Always detangle hair while its dry, wet hair is much more prone to breakage. Brushing stimulates the scalp and distributes natural oils, protecting it naturally from the next steps of cleansing.

Next, forget everything you’ve ever know about shampooing and conditioning your hair – turns out we’ve been doing it wrong our whole lives. Researchers at Kerastase have found that you should actually be conditioning before you shampoo in order to protect and repair very damaged and over-processed hair without weighting it down. You apply reverse shampoo conditioner before shampooing to give hair elasticity and nourishment before breaking down oil at the roots, etc.
Kerastase Soin Premier Therapiste, $42



The more suds, or bubbles, the more you’re overstripping your skin of moisture! Look for an in-shower lotion or in-shower oil cleanser. DOVE has an innovative new dry oil cleanser that nourishes you in-shower, without making it slippery in the tub, or leaving tackiness on your body. Make sure to rinse cleanly, again, this is where most derms say you’re getting it wrong and paying the price of clogged pores and blemishes.
DOVE Dry Oil Body Wash, $5.49

If you have drier skin, but still need to detoxify your T-zone, applying a clay mask in-shower is the happiest medium there is. The steam from the lukewarm shower is enough to open up pores and in just 5 minutes you’re able to rinse away clean and not rob skin of moisture, while still benefiting from a deeper pore cleanse.
bliss multi-‘face’-eted clay mask, $50

Do as much double-duty in the shower as you can! Self-tanners can leave your skin tacky and uncomfortable for hours, some formulas are so thick it can also clog pores. This one you apply in-shower, let sit for 3 minutes and rinse away and your tan gradually intensifies in the next few hours.
St. Tropez In-Shower Gradual Tan, $25



Your towel has thousands of little hooks that rough up the cuticle of your hair! Swap your towel for a t-shirt, pat and blot – don’t rub and shake. 

Know the difference between creams and lotions! Creams are usually oil based, use only on your hands, feet and legs. Lotions are water based, use everywhere else, even your face. Derms recommend looking for lotions and creams with essential fatty acids like olive and avocado oil and glycerin (it makes skin draw in water).

Did you know: If you left glycerin in the open it would naturally absorb water from the air until it becomes 20% water, 80% glycerin.

Also, look for exfoliating lotions, they typically have fruit acids that boost cellular renewal and are very gentle on the skin.



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