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4 Last-Minute Red Carpet Hacks Celebs Are All Over

red carpet secrets
Whether you’re a big movie star, an entrepreneur at a pitch meeting or 5th grade teacher, when you’re on, you’re on in five, four, three… but oh, no, [insert crisis here]. With limited supplies and just a few seconds you can pull yourself together. We’re going to let you in on red carpet hacks the celebrities use when there’s a beauty or style crisis that needs to be averted – and some hacks to create pricey on-trend products that are all over the red carpet with stuff you were tossing in the trash. 


Slather cellulite cream under jawline to get a chiseled, sculpted chin. It’s a celebrity secret! It lasts for about three hours, so you may need to run home before your carriage… err, chin, reappears!

TryBliss FatGirlSlim features QuSome — powerful, encapsulated caffeine molecules that smooth and firm double chins, at least temporarily (Sephora, $36). It’s a diuretic so it sucks excess fluid out! 

shower with makeup on

after you put your makeup on. The steam will set your makeup and hydrate your skin. It removes that powdery residue so skin is photo-ready! 

deodorant on upper lip

Tend to bead up with sweat on your hairline and upper lip? A thin coat of antiperspirant will keep you dry under pressure. The same ingredients that keep your underarms dry will keep you from ever letting them see you sweat on the red carpet! Apply with a foundation brush under makeup. 

Try: Secret Clinical-Strength Adapts & Responds Clear Gel 

Walking onto and off stage? During pageants and fashion shows hairspray is routinely sprayed all over body (legs and arms) to prevent jiggling when walking!

TryPantene Pro-V Stylers Anti-Humidity Hairspray

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