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Smart Sportswear | Sports Bras That Will Burn Your Calories + more!

Say goodbye to your sorry ol’sports bra, anything is possible now. From tanks that help you burn more calories and recover faster to tops with built-in SPF and devices that breathe new life into your dusty treadmill, here, smart sportswear that will make your life easier, safer and slimmer.


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1st round energyDNA®, a brand new performance-enhancing athletic apparel line is driven by a breakthrough technology in its fabric that converts heat emitted from the body into reusable infrared energy for optimum performance and endurance. Fatigue is caused by lactic acid buildup, so by channeling more oxygen to the muscles, EnergyDNA® ultimately cuts down on fatigue, improves speed, strength and power. You can now walk – and run – on air!


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 offers heat generating clothing. With research, studies have shown an increase in calorie burn with Zaggora clothing. Their ThermoFit Technology is a multi-layer fabric that retains the body’s natural heat during exercise, in turn helping you burn more calories.


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Based out of Miami, Flo., BloqUV is fashion meets instant sun protection – white goop need not apply. They guarantee their clothing offers an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50 and blocks 98% of harmful UV sun rays. Testing is rigorous, fabrics undergo 40 home launderings and 100 hours of simulated light.


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RunPhones® are not only stay-put headphones for running, it also wicks away excess moisture while keeping you dry and comfortable. Added perk? It’s disguised as a cute headband that keeps hair out of the way.




The First Sign hair clip is exactly what you think, a hair clip. But now here is the amazing part. There are sensors and a gyroscope inside the clip that detect sudden movement and a break from one’s normal routine. The sensors have triggers that are set up by actions and movement most common with an attack. The clip, connected to the users’ smartphone, can send a call with GPS coordinates to authorities. It also features a built in microphone that immediately starts listening and recording at the first sign of trouble.  This is definitely super-smart wearable tech!



Goji Play
transforms any cardio equipment into a gaming machine, making 30 minutes of exercise feel like just five. Attach the wireless controllers to cardio equipment such as elliptical trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes, etc., clip on the activity sensor, and you’re ready to play a variety of games, all while tracking your fitness metrics. Make your dusty exercise bike into an amusement park ride!


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PureGear’s PureMove Sports Armband with Dry + Flex Technology not only stays put on your arm, but it’s machine washable, antibacterial and features proprietary reflective material to help provide safety when jogging at night.


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Power through your run! The bēm wireless Speaker Band let’s you hear what you want, when and where you want, without the old limits of space, time (pair and play in moments), cost or size.  Rich and precision-tuned… but just conveniently connected, via Bluetooth, with your smart phone, iPod®, tablet, etc.


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Never a dull moment – literally! By calibrating to your body and understanding your goals, PEAR Sports is the smart training system that monitors your heart rate and talks you through each workout in real time, making sure you’re always training optimally. It acts as your personal trainer, delivering real-time coaching, support and data feedback while you listen to your favorite music.


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How about a post-workout goodie? The Thompson Tee combines the best features of an undershirt with a proprietary underarm sweat proof technology to create a sweat-proof shirt for men and women that provides guaranteed protection from ‘wet marks’ and yellow stains resulting from excessive underarm sweat. Forgot that deodorant, no problemo.

— Additional reporting by Melyna Cruz

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