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A Fitbit for your face?

Imagine being able to see under your skin to the good stuff… scientifically speaking. We’re talking about measuring your sebum, moisture levels, texture and wrinkles so that you can address skincare concerns at the very core. See my interview with OKU on

You’re Bathing Wrong: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Shower

Turns out you’ve been showering all wrong! Did you know that dermatologists can take one quick look at you and are able to spot your bathing snafus?  At RealSelf there’s an active community of all of the top dermatologists across the country and darker patches on the upper back from standing in a hot shower, tight, uncomfortable skin and back […]

Grocery Store Dupes for Department Store Beauty Products!

The hottest beauty must-haves just happen to be products you can prepare at home – with items from the grocery store. Yep! You heard right, ladies and gents. Now we’re talking beauty 2.0 here, people, so I won’t bore you with another mayo hair mask, nope, we’re creating lip plumpers, SPF, a glycolic acid peel […]